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Notions of aloneness

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inspiration / Nature

Found these while out walking – torn off their home in the strong winter gales – lying a little destitute on the road. A good contrast between the rugged surface of the road and the green, pointed needles with long shadows. A bit forlorn and lost – granted – a little peace for now lying flat on the ground, a little peace before the winds return and throw me about again… A small embroidery, perhaps […]

Texture in a Botanical Garden

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Introductory Project - further work

Went to Copenhagen for a business meeting yesterday. Had a walk through the City Botanical Gardens. A wonderful place to get a little away from the city noise. And then – texture all over the place, here are a few samples. Made me think how I can look more at this in terms of mark making to produce the same sensations. And once again the realization, a flower is a flower, is a flower, is […]