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A rotten day – can nature help? – can inspiration?

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inspiration / Nature

These last November days have been rotten – rotten in numerous ways – no time, no space, no resources… For the first day in a while the sun was a little out yesterday so I went for a walk to get some air and some perspective on all the rotten stuff. The sky is all over the place on days like this. Makes the heart a little lighter, the perspective a little clearer; And provides […]

Texture in Alessa – Italy

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Colour / inspiration

I have arrived in Atessa, a small village in the hills in the Abruzzo region in Italy. I am here for a workshop in textiles with Dionne Swift, beginning tomorrow. Today has been a restful day spent wandering around the small town, so here are a few snapshots of gorgeous texture. Look forward to the kind of mark making this will give, more to come… —– —–

Podcast – Textile Stories – Diana Springall

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Artists for inspiration / Books and ressources

Heard a lovely podcast for my Sunday morning coffee 🙂 – called Textile Stories from Textile Support by Angharad Rixon. More on the website in a separate post. The short interview was with Diana Springall and her fantastic embroidery collection which now can be seen online here. Looks like a great ressource. Also I paid attention to her advice; Look – not just record – Look Great inspiration for the Sunday 🙂 But this little […]

The unpicking of a tearose – IP further work

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Ideas and experiments / Ikke kategoriseret / Introductory Project - further work

White and pale yellow on black drawing paper. Colour, form, texture, good in a mix with the sunflower seeds. I was very fascinated by the inner part of the flower, the little stems defiantly sticking out – perhaps I could make a brush looking like this providing me with ochre inspiration? Black drawing paper gave a good and clear background for small sketches and compositions to think about. A little stem with a dot – […]

Texture in a Botanical Garden

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Introductory Project - further work

Went to Copenhagen for a business meeting yesterday. Had a walk through the City Botanical Gardens. A wonderful place to get a little away from the city noise. And then – texture all over the place, here are a few samples. Made me think how I can look more at this in terms of mark making to produce the same sensations. And once again the realization, a flower is a flower, is a flower, is […]