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My IP drawings have returned

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Introductory Project - NatureĀ“s Larder

My first drawings have returned from their UK trip, so thought I would take a fresh look on them and review the formative feedback again. My main impression is one of superficial work, so I wholeheartedly agree with the comments from my tutor, “lack of experimentation, exploration and investigation into your ideas”. Perhaps I am being harsh on myself, could a little patience be needed? – having just started out on a completely new adventure. […]

Reflection over formative feedback IP

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Introductory Project - NatureĀ“s Larder / Process notes

I got some really useful feedback from my tutor on my first submission. Useful can both make you happy and want to hide in a corner. I have done a little of both. I come from a very structured learning environment, and so I have followed the brief very closely and have not strayed. I have tried to be descriptive and not experimential in my approach. The result is a tentative beginning with a good […]