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Matisse on process

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Artists for inspiration / Process notes / Thoughts to ponder

I always use a preliminary canvas the same size for a sketch as for a finished picture, and I always begin with color. With large canvases this is more fatiguing, but more logical. I may have the same sentiment I obtained in the first, but this lacks solidity, and decorative sense. I never retouch a sketch: I take a new canvas the same size, as I may change the composition somewhat. But I always strive […]

Podcast – Textile Stories – Diana Springall

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Artists for inspiration / Books and ressources

Heard a lovely podcast for my Sunday morning coffee 🙂 – called Textile Stories from Textile Support by Angharad Rixon. More on the website in a separate post. The short interview was with Diana Springall and her fantastic embroidery collection which now can be seen online here. Looks like a great ressource. Also I paid attention to her advice; Look – not just record – Look Great inspiration for the Sunday 🙂 But this little […]

A Gallery visit to see Katie Sollohub

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Artists for inspiration

Had a lovely visit to Moen Denmark to see Katie Sollohub in a small gallery last week on a rainy day in July. The gallery is situated in an old building in the city centre and represents the essence of summer with greens and hollyhocks. The paintings were exhibited in a small front room, and I got permission to take a few overview snapshots so please bear with me on the quality. It was very […]