Quick visit to an Exhibition between meetings

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I had a little time in Copenhagen yesterday between appointments so quickly visited a small gallery with an exhibition entitled “Wabi-Sabi!”, and as I both have a love of this concept and also get to work with it later in this course, I thought it would be a good thing to do. A very good friend of mine came along, and it was as always good to have someone to share the experience with.

Well, it was a good thing to do, and at the same time it was strange, odd, unpleasant with little glimpses of kindness. Let me explain.

The artist is Birgitte Christens, a ceramicist, currently residing in Japan. The artist is working with the unseen taboos in our society around diseases, like Crohns, cancer etc. There were metallic water hoses combined with ceramic lungs, separate body parts, few glazed tiles based on X-rays of lungs combined with a few wabi-sabi bowls.

I could not make myself take pictures of the disease, life is full enough of that already, but I respect the intention of wanting to shed light on these unseen parts of the human condition. So instead I took a few pictures of the wabi-sabi bowls, also to look more closely at the glazes used.

These bowls were for sale as were a little collection of ceramic snails.

These were found on the floor in a corner, symetrically assembled. There was not a lot of titles so the interpretation was left to the viewer, more lungs, experiments or more hidden aspects?

This sculptural piece was perhaps the most engaging object, looks a bit like a water sculpture with a hole in the top and a beautiful blue glaze that looks like water silently moving. It was completely different from the rest of the items.


So an interesting break – something to think about, but also a thankfullness as I went out into the grey and rainy day for being able to do just that.

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