Mark-making inspired by shawl

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Part one - Project 2

A closer look at the shawl has inspired the following sketches;

Materials used

  • Japan paper in off-white, 60 x 42 cm
  • Markers of various colours and sizes
  • Hard pastels in various nuances of neutral
  • Derwent Graphitint and water
  • Thick cardboard


To get an initial feeling of the shawls texture and structure.


A hard pastel sketch of a corner of the shawl – looked at the triangle shape and the tassels. I tried to capture the essence and the texture in monchrome.

Tusch sketches trying to look at the meeting of lines and the space in between. I supplemented with at few lines in Graphitint and water to see the difference. Exploration of lines, including thickness and distance.

Japan paper on cardboard backing, looking at exploring lines through the use of hard pastel, various angles and meeting of lines. Using all sides of the hard pastel to look at differences in mark making.

Japan paper cut into triangles of various sizes – the beginning of small sketches an mixed media. Would like to do a collage with the tusch meetings mentioned above.


The hard pastels were a good medium for trying to capture more subtle nuances in essence and texture. Would like to develop this more.

The tusch sketches provided some insight into the meeting of lines – though I find the mark and the colours a little harsh for this mark making exercise. Will try to use them in a collage. But the process of making lines meet in various ways was good.

So on to a collage.

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