Autumn melancholy – mark making

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Ideas and experiments / Mark making in general

Autumn is here – a number of grey and quiet days has passed, and so I have been out to soak up the energy of quiet withdrawing and with this a sense of melancholy.

Have tried to convey the feelings and impressions on small pieces of textured Japan paper in sepia. I have used Sepia charcoal to make the studies – not too much contrast.

Here are a couple of pages from my sketchbook showing the variety in composition, lines and pressure.

It almost look like a chessboard when seen from above 🙂

A few details

I like the ridge on this one – more scrumpled paper would be good.

Pages with notes:

Would the outcome have been different if I had used coloured pencils – put a few colours down with Supracolor to indicate the mood.

A little more detail from the sketches I would like to develop more – like the movement and composition and scrumpled effect.

I really like the close up possibility the IPad gives – it is like a whole new landscape appears, somewhere to dive into and perhaps explore more – will try that.

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