Project 1 – Selecting and identifying – Part one – 3 chosen textiles

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Part one - Project 1

So here are my 3 chosen textiles for part one.

Due to my living in the country side, a fair bit away from any textile archive and also because I would like the opportunity to “live” with the chosen textiles, I have decided to look for archive items in my own home.

I have chosen a golden silk pillow of unknown origin, a woolen scarf of known (well almost) origin and an apron of my own buying.

I have tried to make a selection as diverse and as interesting as possible, a few essentials reasons and words on the selection process;

  • Examples of wool, silk and cotton
  • Examples of heritage, gift and purchase
  • Examples of variations in texture, form, colour, line, age, materials etc
  • Examples of domestic use, use for decoration and a combi
  • Examples of textiles used by the man on the street, via the kitchen to a high-society living room
  • Examples of how diverse textiles can be, even when found in my own home

Looking forward to the process and the discoveries 🙂

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