A definition of textiles and story telling

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Part one - Project 1

A textiles definition could be;

  • An object in 3 dimensions which tries to interpret/support/understand life on this planet.
      • Something you can touch with your body, strong tactile properties
      • Something you can look at
      • Something you can wear
      • Something useful
      • Something you can manipulate with your body in the broadest of sense
      • Something you can hear
      • Something you can survive with
      • Something carrying a story
      • Something that comments on society and the human condition in general
      • Something that has always been around


      I find that all textiles have a story, either through their inherent properties, like yarn with a certain ply, dye, origin etc or through a conscious manipulation, like a textile piece commenting on a political situation.

      So it can be a more “simple” story or a combination of many stories combined to a new story, and so it goes on. These textile stories tie in with the human story to support or to make visible the formless.

      More thoughts to come – it is a process

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