Thoughts on the further work on IP

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Introductory Project - further work

It has been good to play this past month and look a bit more at a few select ideas, among these the algae forms and the meeting of lines.

Would like to develop these more…

To be inspired by other artists, to let them inform my work, to scrutinize, but not copying.

My process this past month has settled into more concentrated experimenting time and then report and reflect a little later. Trying to note the daily inspiration and get into the habit of posting.

The more challenging area for me is the transition from collecting inspiration to choosing and experimenting, so much to choose from. And onwards to texture.

I wonder if it is ok to linger at the present ideas – ok to to go where my intuition wants to go ?

I try to look – really look – but what if the items I see doesn´t have form yet – is it possible to see the details in my mind – my imagination and then give them form ?

I find the marks and patterns are already there. I don´t want to translate it – I want to enjoy the inspiration – to look closely and to create through the heart – the doorway to oneness.

2007-08-07 23.13.36



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