Gelli printing – papers for collages – IP – further work

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Ideas and experiments / Introductory Project - further work

I have a larger Gelli Plate, 8″ x 10″ to use for printing papers for collages.

In this particular instance I wanted to work with some of the same colours as I have been observing throughout the Introductory Project. Doing this by using the primary colours combined with a dark neutral. And finally an intention of leaving a good bit of white on the prints.

I have used Arches 300gr aquarelle paper, torn into squares and Golden acrylics.

All colours were mixed with a variety of brushes on the plate.

1. Burnt Siena & Cadmium red light

2. Cerulean Blue & Cadmium yellow light.

A use of a wine cork, pencils. All to get a spotty linear appearance.

3. Aquamarine Blue & Cerulean Blue with a big brush. Printing by rolling the paper onto the plate.

4. Paynes Grey & Raw Umber.

An experiment to make a dark block colour. The following prints with a thinner mix were decorated with a comb.

5. Cadmium Yellow deep + sunflower seeds.

The intention was to see what kind of marks the seeds would make in the print. They got stuck so not the desired form, but a good watercolour effect with large patches of white.

6. Cerulean Blue & Titanium White

I tried to use small shells as drawing tools – not very visible in the print.

7. Raw & Burnt Sienna with Titanium White added in the following prints.

An experiment with corn from the fields to make marks – difficult to make them leave a visible mark. The combo gave a very dominant colour.


I enjoyed making prints, all in all 17 pieces which now decorate my living room floor. I intend to work on some of them during the week to look at texture, colour and possible further work.

I have worked with my fingers, corks, sponges, nature, combs and various other mark making tools.

Good process to record along the way, both with regard to photos and text.

Love the way whole new worlds and landscapes show up on the print – let´s see what will be next.

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