Algae continued… IP further work

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Introductory Project - further work

Development of the algae forms – See the beginning here.

A big piece of carbon paper in a light colour is the background for a meeting of lines in grey nuances of Winsor & Newton pigment markers. Also a bit of oil, corn and seeds.

I have cut out most of the photocopied algae shapes and have begun playing around 🙂

1. The grey drawn lines could be understood as stems for waterflowers.

2. A random shaking of cuts produced this…

3. Made 3 larger flowers with 3-4 algae pr flower, again on stems. Looked good and sculpturel with the grey stems.

4. Made larger flowers to see the impact – some of the simplicity disapeared.

5. Have a piece of large algae, so tried this in combo with the smaller ones.

6. Made a ring of flowers – making them touch each other along the way

A little experimentation with a view finder to find good compositions to make small sketches of.

And finally a little play around with a slightly more complicated shape. Like the form, the strong black rim around them.

Reflection so far;

I like the organic shapes, the moving of limbs – like they move of their own accord. I have cut them out with a pair of scissors, but will try with a knife the next time to be more precise.

The simple shapes has a promise of more complex forms – could be developed, I think…

I wonder if these shapes could be combined with the newly painted papers, coloured backgrounds ?

A quick try with shapes on black paper – has potential…

And then it dawned on me – I have been working with these shapes before – in ceramics, so here is a snapshot of one piece , the rest have been boxed for practical reasons.

More algae forms to come – want to look at texture next – can something be used from the ceramic form and look ?


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