Can Geraniums provide colour ? – IP further work

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Ideas and experiments / Introductory Project - further work

I have a red and a Salmon coloured Geranium in pots outside, and I was wondering what colours their petals might give, if any, so I soaked the left-overs in a pot with water and experimented;

Interestingly the colours on aquarel paper and ordinary drawing paper came out pinkish – why not red and salmon ? Is it the chemical combination as the flowers do not look pink or lilac ???

Could the stripes in the paper and the light / petals make new patterns ? When dry the paper was no good, the colours faded. Maybe it can still be a little sculpture? Like the little rose star in the upper right corner, maybe I can draw som marks from that ?

And a bit of fabric – old cotton… faded in the drying process


Beginning the slow process of disentanglement – the notion of the world having layers, also in the physical sense – will see if time permit an excursion to gather more plants to dye from. Have borrowed a book from the library on Shibori – well, in the first place because the writer has my surname as well šŸ™‚

Like things being random, and then I lose interest in them. So where do I put all my questions ?

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