Herbal leaves turning into algae – IP further work

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Introductory Project - further work / Introductory Project - Nature´s Larder

A Sunday story of how herbal leaves from my pots outside turned into algae…

I thought I would try to outline a few different shapes and then experiment further with the shape I was most drawn to.

The two shapes at the bottom of the snapshot looked a little Christmas like and also a bit algae like so they caught my eye. Can´t remember the name of the herb for now, but it tastes a little like parsley.

Shapes in freehand turned out to be tentacles of 3 or 5 arms. The possibility of movement interested me and I could imagine algae moving with the waves in the sea. Tried various pens to highlight shapes and made notes for later.

Finally I took some close ups of some of the shapes, isolated them in Adobe Capture and sent them to Photoshop where I have printed them in various sizes – ready for the next experiment – can new algae evolve out of the shapes or perhaps something else ?

Shapes interest me – outlines interest me, somehow a possibility to invent new stuff inside the borders. Good with round tentacles. Ends sometimes in shapes with too much movement – a bit boring. Still very ordered process, but it is a start.
Would it be possible to move the algae shapes up from the paper, make the shape in 3D ? And what should be inside the shape, colour, print, text ?

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