Reflection on my practice

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Introductory Project - further work / Process notes

Lots of question on my practice stemming from the feedback on IP, fx

  • What is my practice ?
  • Do I have a practice ?
  • Why do I have a practice ?
  • Are there any dreams in my practice ?
  • What now ?

Why I have a creative practice ? For years it has been the outlet for the everyday – a place to be myself, to get a perspective on life, to look at colour and as a healing tool. The notion of taking the creative a step further is relatively new, and so I find myself a little confused and unsure. The analytical mind then takes over and try to comfort the confusion – the result – a bland table with no play. So that is definitely not the way.
Linked closely to this is the notion of play. As a child I was often left to play with myself – preferably in a ordered and clean way.
The other dimensions was a lot more interesting to move in, and this dimension was condensed to
books, small worlds in LEGO and dolls houses.

So play and experimentation is new – feels like freedom and scary at the same time – so often I will initially go about the experimentation in the same orderly and clean way – and then inspiration and energy strikes….and I end up with paint all over the place and a little on the papers. Anarchy and chaos sets in and it feels liberating.

Back to practice – have dabbled in a variety of genres – always curious, continually attracted to colour. Began learning to draw a few years back and have had a continual sketchbook practice since.
Ceramics has been a stable for the past 10 years, taking a break now due to living conditions and lack of facilities, but has been invaluable with regard to tactile impression and experiments – no dinner plates or nice cups – sculptures mainly.

Changes are creeping in – I look for the essence, the collection of all I know and am, a curiousity about manifestation of form, of how the world is put together, and how I can participate in this, how I can help, can share and bring into form.
So will go out and play now 🙂 – in a puddle of rain 🙂

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