Reflection over formative feedback IP

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Introductory Project - Nature´s Larder / Process notes

I got some really useful feedback from my tutor on my first submission. Useful can both make you happy and want to hide in a corner. I have done a little of both.

I come from a very structured learning environment, and so I have followed the brief very closely and have not strayed. I have tried to be descriptive and not experimential in my approach. The result is a tentative beginning with a good and warm blog, but no experimentation, exploration and investigation of ideas. Very true.
And then the notion of reflection. Originates in same place, the holy grail of objectivity, what I think and mean is irrelevant. Now – I need to reflect on my own work and practice – how to do that ?
There are lots of ideas outlined in the project, but no depth and as a result of this it is boring and doesn´t interest me anymore.
And my practice – what is my practice ? For now tangled knots…

So I will spend another 4-6 weeks experimenting and looking more closely at my ideas, trying to develop them and reflect. Feels like being allowed to go out to play – to search – to find – to make marks – to be happy – to question – to take a bite of life, to perhaps untangle a few knots…

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