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Introductory Project - Nature´s Larder

I have researched the works of the suggested artists so here follows notes and ideas.

Generally I have tried to get an overview and a feeling for the use of mark making. Some of the websites were a bit overwhelming, fx Louise Bourgeois, so have decided to postpone these artists till later research.

Very intrigued by the various “Artists Statements” and galleries reflecting this.

Links to the artists webpages can be seen by clicking on the name.

Roanna Wells

Artists statement.

My practice is an intuitive expression of quiet order, subtle structure and collected detail, which is offset by a curiosity into the spontaneity and inevitable accidental marks or residues of nature, human interaction and the hand made process.

I am interested in the concept of how a greater depth of knowledge, understanding, impact, or respect can be learnt from the act of repetition or the study of multiples, whether through a purely process led and abstracted aesthetic, or as an exploration into social, emotional or personal issues.

I like the ensuing translation and experience into repetitive marks, mark as storyteller and a collaboration with a ceramic artist.

Hilary Ellis

Again I have paid attention to the artists statement. The framework of ritual to install order out of chaos. The portfolio gallery is very minimalistic and slightly melancholic despite the works being quite large in size.

And yes, when is something finished ?

Katie Sollohub

This artist is interested in documenting and recording the places she lives and works in. I have looked at the works from her residency at JMW Turner´s House. Unfortunately as I am writing this the link from her website and also Turner´s House doesn´t work, but I was very intrigued by her “out of proportion” sketches showing the mood more than “correct” perspective. The sketches were mainly in B/W, but the occational use of pastels on top of the charcoal were very inspiring.

This photo is a snapshot from my research.

2017-06-21 19.41.36

Also her use of the same process as David Hockney with an I-Pad drawing a day.

Currently she has an exhibition quite close to me at Møn in Denmark, so I plan to go visit 🙂

Alison Carlier

Alison Carlier makes sound drawings. I have found a transcription of conversations with five artists, The drawing attitude. I have downloaded the transcription and look forward to reading it over the summer.

Alex Chalmers

Interesting use of stitches in some of the moving objects. I can be very fascinated by the titles artists use for their works – the intention behind. I find this marked in this artist.

Debbie Smyth

This artist uses markmaking on walls and other ways of decorating offices – I like the use of line, space and movement.

and finally

Sara Midda – South of France: A Sketchbook

A lovely, lovely book – a mix of notes, thoughts, sketches and colour studies. Love the way she gives moods, landscapes and places various colours along the way. Very inspirational 🙂

2017-07-16 14.22.222017-07-16 14.22.33

2017-07-16 14.23.04



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