Observation notes – IP – Nature´s Larder – I

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Introductory Project - Nature´s Larder

Icebear and cub


I wanted to capture the glasslike quality of the piece – the transparency, so have used charcoal and grey coloured pencils on black paper.

One sideeffect was the discovery of interesting forms in the negative spaces.

Cloth with vegetable print









Only one piece of textile in the collection, a patchwork piece with vegetables, a very naturalistic impression of Nature´s Larder. The fabric is smooth, a bit “boring”, but a good complex background.

Have chosen to sketch the forms the folded textile can represent on a brown recycled paper bag. Very interesting shapes.

On a piece of watercolour paper and with watercolours have I tried to convey the colour and form from the cloth.

Sea urchin

Raw sketches to try to capture the texture, the sharp angles of the urchin – a little look into the hidden places. Soft lead on cardboard paper and a reused envelope to see the difference in textures.

Bottle with Green Gold


Have used transparent textured paper to capture a feeling of thick glass from the bottle and at the same time get an impression of the oil. A few charcoal marks to make a few bottle shapes following the lines of the paper.

The tiny teddy bear

 Lots of lovely texture – various sketches on thick watercolour paper. I tried to capture the essence of the comforting principle.

A group sketch

The aim of this drawing was to contrast a few of the objects, the smooth light yellow of the icebear with the more textured glass of the cylinder with sunflower seeds and the sharp angles of the sea urchin. It was done in a sketchbook with black pen and a grey coloured pencil.

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