Symbolism of chosen objects for IP – Nature´s Larder – D

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Introductory Project - Nature´s Larder

A few keywords on the chosen objects;

With due respect for my self imposed limitations it was important for me to choose objects which could represent multiple layers  and circles of Nature´s Larder.

The only chosen piece of textile is taken to represent the underlying multitude of nature, its abundance and all that we take for granted, a very naturalistic print.

The circle of life is represented by the sunflower seeds, the rapeseed oil and the bun. The homemade bun with sunflower seeds, of course, has a double meaning in that it has slipped out of form in the process by being eaten.

The sea urchin represent the mystery of the sea, still with a reference to the circle theme but also the multitude of forms and texture found there.

The glass sculpture of the icebear doubles as a reminder of the circle in reproduktion but also in the transparente of glass to represent the temporal aspect of time and finally the cold and harsh part of nature which also is important for me to represent.

And finally the tiny teddy bear. The comfort of nature, of food, of the seasons and of texture.

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