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Introductory Project - Nature´s Larder

It took me a while to get started on the Introductory Project, party due to my day job with a lot of accounting deadlines coming up to July 1, but also my own process.

The initial belief in start-up of this course, the new direction, the joy and enthusiasm was followed by doubt with regards to time, age and the possibility of happiness in learning. This dilemma has been staying with me for a while but a slow progression of joy has taken over and I have enjoyed working with this project.

I have had a large number of ideas for this brief as also outlined in my blog posts, so an important part of my process has been limiting myself and at the same time making a meaningful selection, but I am happy with the result for now.

I have worked with a variety of mark making tools and papers. It felt right to give the tiny sunflower seed a large piece of space. Explore how the small seed developed its own life, how one observation led to the next and new life was seen.

I like sketching, I like to make an outline, and then to look for the essence. For now I am not that fond of detailed drawings. Perhaps it is still childhood remnants sounding like “you can´t draw, you can´t knit, go read a book” – and perhaps a fleeting attention span. Well, need to qualify that. Inspiration is all around me, so work consistently on concentrating and finishing projects before getting distracted by new possibilities. Quite the antidote to my super structured day job where 2+2 always is 4, and if not, you start all over again.

I have been working through the most of the HE – course, and I am going to look at this again and make some blog posts about some of the learning principles which I found very relevant. An example is the learning circle from Kolb – the circle of experience – observation – reflection – concept formation – testing and back to experience. I think I often stay in the cross field between observation and reflection, so I have tried to be conscious about this and move around in the circle. This is one of the principles I look forward to working with going forward.

This creative process make me very happy. Trial, error, experiments, and “what if…” – so onward 🙂

2017-07-12 17.56.13

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