Photo selection for IP – Nature´s Larder – E

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Introductory Project - Nature´s Larder


A few key notes on the photo selection. The main aim has been to show both the group dynamics but also the essence of the individual objects.

As the photos show I have tried various representations of the collection. I note quite a difference in representation with or without the textile piece, like the difference between harmony and lack of harmony…

When the textile piece is used as a background/tablecloth collecting piece it shows a complex variety of texture, colour and form, but it can be very difficult to see the individual pieces properly.  Without the cloth the objects appear more distinct, and when I use the textile piece as a scenic background I find it works best to my purpose.

I have also aimed for variety in contrast, both in texture, sizes, forms and colour.

And why the tiny bear on top? Well, it seems an appropriate heading for the installation. What is the use for man of Naturés Larder apart from not starving to death ? – comfort – inspiration – joy – evolution…



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