Final selection of objects for IP – Nature´s Larder – C

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Introductory Project - Nature´s Larder
 I began by brainstorming, including translating the expression Nature´s Larder into Danish. See separate post on this.
The thoughts have been many, the cyclical movement of nature, the philosophical and ethical implications of how we treat nature, pure foods, my herbs outside, what about lack of Naturés Larder,  and how to best represent this.
I decided on the following limitations to the project;
  • Objects/textiles I have in my home
  • Pictures and art I have done /taken
  • Things and ideas that inspirere me to further development
  • Variety in texture, colour and form
Then a sunflower literally passed by my desk, and the Larder idea developed.  The Sunflower could be seen as a representative for the cycles in nature, from seed to flower, to harvest, to oil and to bun and then back into nature again.  Time passed, the day job was shouting loud, and the flowers withered… I took one of them apart before giving it back to nature – marveled at the oblong petals in yellow and the concentrated centre full of seeds.
I decided to keep the seeds and the bun and supplemented the cycle with a bottle of local rape seed oil, called the Green Gold.
A few days later I went into the local fabric shop, a tiny boutique stuffed with fabric from floor to ceiling. The owner is fond of patchwork and lo and behold a fabric with vegetables appeared, so here was my tablecloth/background for the objects. We had a good conversation on the various pieces of cloth for food and kitchenprojects – this included fabrics with everything you could wish for when baking.
And then a little something from the sea came by, a sea urchin in ceramics. A good example of what clay can inspirere to in terms of texture and form.
Next object was a gift from Greenland, an icebear with cub and finally a tiny bear for comfort.
 And so the selection of objects is as follows;
  • Piece of cloth with vegetable print
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Homebaked bun
  • Glass sculpture of an icebear with cub
  • Ceramic sea urchin
  • Bottle of rapeseed oil
  • Old teddy bear

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